Inpatient General Neurology

Beginning in August 2018, the Department of Neurology initiated an inpatient general neurology service, covering inpatient consults 7 days a week. The service allows for improved availability of consultations and consistency in care, while also opening up availability for Neurology faculty to focus on subspecialties. It has become a model system for inpatient care throughout VUMC. Beginning in July 2020, we are combining Consult, General Inpatient, and Emergency Neurology services into an expanded Inpatient General Neurology.

Education & TrainingEducation & Training

The inpatient general neurology faculty manages the inpatient consult service alongside junior and senior residents. The faculty service allows for protected time for residents to engage in didactic work such as conferences, Grand Rounds, etc. Residents gain invaluable training and hands-on experience through the consult service. 

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