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In February 2014, the Department of Neurology went live with its first teleneurology consult at a community hospital, thus opening a new chapter for healthcare in Tennessee. Since then, the program has completed over 15,000 consultations. Through its teleneurology program, the Vanderbilt Department of Neurology has been able to expand its services to 12 community hospitals throughout the region—a network that continues to grow. Teleneurology allows patients and physicians at our partner community healthcare facilities efficient access to highly specialized expert acute and long-term care. It also allows for 87% of patients to remain at their local hospitals, providing continuity of care at more convenient locations; only 13% require transfer to a higher level of care. The department recently added an additional service line with TeleEEG. With a robust teleneurology program already well underway, Vanderbilt physicians were able to seamlessly transition into remote neurology patient visits as needed during the COVID-19 crisis, thus maintaining patient relationships and offering crucial neurological care while limiting exposure.

The teleneurology program has garnered remarkably high patient and physician ratings. Community physicians give the program a 96% satisfaction rating, while 91% of patients who received a consult would recommend telehealth to others. 

Research HighlightsResearch Highlights

C3FIT – Coordinated, Collaborative, Comprehensive, Family-focused, Integrated, Technology-Enabled to Improve Stroke Care

Dr. Kenneth Gaines is currently a National Principal Investigator for a C3FIT (Comprehensive, Coordinated, Collaborative, Family-focused, Integrated, Technology Enabled) Stroke Care Delivery Design Randomized Comparative Effectiveness Trial. Sponsored by a grant through the PCORI Foundation, this large study involves 18 comprehensive stroke centers and focuses on rural ambulance telemedicine.

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Education & TrainingEducation & Training

Medical students, residents and fellows wishing to gain experience with teleneurology will have ample opportunities to train alongside faculty during consults.